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(Omega Electric Wheel Chair - Black Liquid Coating (123-46

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Country Origin: China
Brand: Omega
  1. The frame is welded by A3 steel ; it has the characteristics of high strength and light weight. The surface is sprayed with advanced spraying technology. Compared with ordinary spraying technology, it has the advantages of bright color, strong anti-collision and anti-rust ability, no heavy metals and no toxic substances on the sprayed surface. It is a safe , durable , healthy and environmentally friendly product.
  2. The seat and back cushions are made of high-quality Oxford cloth and sponge fabric , which is soft in texture, flat and beautiful in appearance. The angle is completely in line with the physiological bending angle of the human waist ; the user is comfortable to sit and lie down. It is very convenient for outings or outings using the capital .
  3. The front wheel adopts 8 -inch PU tire. The rear wheel adopts a 16 -inch thick and wear-resistant PU rear wheel combination, which has the advantages of flexible steering and excellent shock absorption. Make users sit and drive comfortable.
  4. The controller uses a microphone control controller , which has the advantages of precise control, reliable quality, and gentle start and stop. And the left and right armrests can be interchanged; the speed of the controller is adjustable from 1 to 6 km/h, the power and speed display functions, any 360-degree steering, fault alarm and other functions. Suitable for users with different habits.
  5. The motor adopts 250W low power consumption , high power gear transmission motor mechanism. Comes with a 24V 22Ah lead acid battery. A one-time full charge is about 20 kilometers (horizontal road). It has the advantages of high power, long battery life and strong climbing ability. Can easily climb the slope: 6 to 8 degrees, with the advantages of parking on a half slope and not slipping.
  6. The charger adopts 4A constant current and constant voltage floating charger. It can be fully charged in about 8 hours on a single charge. The power plug is an optional plug type, which is easy to operate.
  7. Bears weight up to 120 Kg.

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