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New offer (Omega Digital Sphygmomanometer + Digital Thermometer )

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Country Origin: Singapore
Brand: Omega

Digital Sphygmomanometer DS-300 - With Talking Function - by Omega The symbols on the LCD display 1.Systolic blood pressure 2.Diastolic blood pressure 3.Memory symbol 4. Heartbeat symbol (Flashes during measurement) 5.Average value symbol 6.Battery low symbol 7.Date/Time display 8.Pulse display 9. Irregular heartbeat symbol 10.Movement error symbol 11.USER B 12. USER A 13.Mute symbol 14.Cuff self-checking function Specifications: 1. Talking function 2. Double users: 2 x 120 sets memory 3.Cuff self-checking function 4. Irregular heartbeat checking 5. Average value function 6. Low battery display 7. Auto power-off 8. External power adapter support 9. Volume adjustment 10. Date/time display Note: - Arm circumference should be measured with a measuring tape in the middle of the relaxed upper arm. - Do not force cuff connection into the opening. - Make sure the cuff connection is not pushed into the AC adapter port.
Digital thermometer is Easy to Operate, it has permanent probe, stable quality, and LCD display to convenient reading

* Without Mercury Approved Clinically Special Fever Alert function
* Auto Switch Off Highly Accurate
* Measurement in F or C Fast Measurement
Easy to read LCD Display
Can be used in oral cavity, rectal and under the armpit.

* Digital Thermometer (Battery included) 1 Storage Case 1 User Manual

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